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Installation Manual for Waterman Sluice Gates, Fabricated Gates, Drainage Gates, Specialty Gates

Installation Manual for Waterman Gate Valves

Waterman is the a leading provider of Sluice gate, Slide gates, Penstocks, Flap gate, Channel gate, Sluice Gate Valve, Gate Manufacturer, Stop logs, Aluminum Gates, Weir gate, Roller gate, Gate valve, Mud Valve, Flap valve, Butterfly Gate, Radial gate. for water treatment, wastewater, high-volume agricultural and rural surface water delivery, hydro-power, and flood control management.


  • Heavy Duty Sluice Gate Installation Instructions
  • Medium & Light Duty Sluice Gate Installation Instructions
  • Fabricated Slide Gate Installation Instructions
  • Drainage (Flap)(tide) Gate Installation Instructions
  • Specialty Products Installation Instructions

Download the Waterman Gate Valve Installation Manual Here

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