YarwayPentair's Yarway brand covers requirements for level gauges and electronic water level systems with a wide range of models, sizes, and materials to satisfy all the specifications of the power and process industry. The brand also has a sample valve for use in chemical and process systems, specifically designed for media with high viscosity and crystal or hard particles.

  • Series 4200 Liquid Level Gauge
  • Series 4300N/4600N
  • Series 4000
  • Series 1004 Electronic Level Indication
  • Types HP/IP/LP Water Columns, Probes and Probe fittings
  • Series 1002 Electronic Level Indication
  • Series 3000 Electronic Level Indication
  • Series 2000 Electronic Level Indication
  • Series 1001 Electronic Level Indication
  • Illuminators for HP (DuCoLeD) Level Gauges
  • Color-Port Water Level Gauges
  • Sample Valve (Model 36/56)

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